Google AI and Samsung Join Forces to Power Galaxy S24 with Advanced Features


The partnership between Google AI and Samsung aims to enhance the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series with cutting-edge AI technology. The collaboration leverages Google's Gemini, a top-notch AI model, to revolutionize Android experiences and create new user possibilities.

Google AI and Samsung Join Forces to Power Galaxy S24 with Advanced Features
Google AI and Samsung Join Forces to Power Galaxy S24 with Advanced Features

The fusion of Google AI's latest advancements with the innovative design of Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series is set to redefine Android experiences for billions of users worldwide. This groundbreaking partnership, announced at Galaxy Unpacked in San Jose, combines Google's best-in-class Gemini models with Samsung's advanced technology to power a new generation of AI capabilities.

"When cutting-edge AI technology meets innovative smartphone design, the result is an Android experience. The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is a testament to this transformation."

Gemini: Google's AI Model at the Core of the Galaxy S24

As part of the collaboration, Google Cloud and Samsung have enabled Galaxy S24 users to access Google's most capable AI model, Gemini, through Samsung-built apps and services. The new smartphones will utilize Gemini Pro, Google's top model for scaling across various tasks, to enhance the functionality of familiar Samsung apps, including Notes, Voice Recorder, and the Keyboard app.

With Google's advanced text-to-image diffusion technology, Imagen 2, Galaxy S24 users will gain access to superior photo editing capabilities using the Generative Edit feature within the Galaxy S24 Gallery app. The Galaxy S24 series also comes built-in with Gemini Nano, the most efficient model for on-device tasks, to ensure user data remains secure.

Google and Samsung's partnership extends to Gemini Ultra, Google's most extensive model designed for highly complex tasks. Samsung will be among the first partners to test Gemini Ultra before it becomes broadly available to developers and enterprise customers later this year.

Revolutionizing Access to Information

The Galaxy S24 series introduces a new feature, Circle to Search, that reimagines how users can search for information on their Android phones. This feature allows users to select images, videos, or text they want to learn more about with a simple gesture, creating a more seamless and intuitive search experience. With generative AI-powered overviews, users can easily understand concepts, ideas, or topics with information collated from across the web.

Enhancing Text Communication

The Galaxy S24 series also brings out of beta some of Google Messages' favorite features, including AI-powered features Magic Compose and Photomoji. Magic Compose, which runs on-device using Gemini Nano, assists users in crafting unique messages in diverse styles. Photomoji, on the other hand, creates new emojis from user photos using generative AI, adding a personal touch to messaging.

Staying Connected on the Road with Android Auto

Google AI also enhances the Android Auto experience by automatically summarizing long texts or busy group chats while driving, helping users stay connected and focused on the road. Android Auto also suggests relevant replies and actions that users can take without touching their phones, making it a safer and more convenient tool for drivers.

Shortly, Android Auto will reflect the design elements of the Samsung Galaxy phone, providing a seamless and consistent experience from the phone to the car. This innovative collaboration between Google AI and Samsung is just the beginning, with more exciting capabilities for Android and the Galaxy S24 series set to come.

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