Deepening AI Integration in Google’s New Pixel 8 Phones

Deepening AI Integration in Google’s New Pixel 8 Phones
Deepening AI Integration in Google’s New Pixel 8 Phones

Despite facing fierce competition in the smartphone market, Google is not backing down. Instead, the tech giant is leveraging its artificial intelligence (AI) strengths to carve out a niche. The recently unveiled Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, priced at $699 and $999, respectively, are a testament to this strategy.

"The future of smartphones may not just be about hardware and software, but the intelligent systems that power them."

The new smartphones offer a glimpse into how Google envisions the future of mobile technology, where AI enhances the user experience and fundamentally shapes it. From auto-summarizing webpages to crafting impeccable photos, the Pixel 8 phones are set to provide a suite of AI-driven features that could potentially revolutionize our interaction with digital devices.

A Dive Into the AI Features

Here are some of the AI features Google has packed into its new Pixel 8 phones:

Instant Story Summaries:

With the help of Google's large language models, Google Assistant can quickly scan and summarize articles, recipes, and other lengthy online text. However, this feature is currently limited to websites viewed in the Chrome browser or the Google app and does not work with PDF files or paywalled content.

Best Take for Photos:

The new Best Take feature addresses a common problem with group photos - someone inevitably blinks or looks away at the crucial moment. Using AI, Google Photos can now select more appropriate faces from photos taken around the same time and stitch them into the group photo, creating a more perfect image. However, this feature raises questions about the resulting image's authenticity.

A More Flexible Magic Eraser:

Google's Magic Eraser tool, which allows users to erase unwanted people or objects from photos, has now been enhanced. Users can now reposition subjects within images, with Google Photos filling in the gap left behind. However, early tests have revealed some unnatural textures in the resulting images. The Magic Editor for Pixel 8 is currently in use and fully functional.

A More Natural-Sounding Call Screener:

Pixel phones have a Call Screen feature that answers phone calls, asks the caller's purpose, and transcribes the response. The updated version in the Pixel 8 phones sounds nearly indistinguishable from a human voice and better analyzes the caller's intent.

An AI Proofreader:

Google's default Gboard keyboard now includes an AI that can correct spelling and grammar errors as you type. Unlike other AI features, Google assures users that this one does not use their input to train its AI.

In addition to these AI enhancements, Google is committing to seven years of operating system updates for its Pixel phones. This move outpaces Apple's typical five years of major iOS updates.

While these AI features promise to make the Pixel 8 phones more innovative and user-friendly, their success depends on whether they are worth using. Only time will tell if Google's deepening obsession with AI pays off.

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