Diablo IV: Unravel the Midwinter Blight in the Fractured Peaks


The Midwinter Blight event takes place in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo IV. Players will face frostbitten demons, collect frost-weathered trinkets, and build festive spirit in this exciting winter-themed event.

Unravel the Midwinter Blight in the Fractured Peaks (Diablo IV)
Unravel the Midwinter Blight in the Fractured Peaks (Diablo IV)

"An especially bitter cold has swept through the Fractured Peaks, carrying the ravenous wail of a bizarre beast rumored to dwell in the frost-laden hinterland."

An ominous terror stirs as the midwinter chill descends upon the snow-capped peaks. The piercing wail of a monstrous beast echoes through the icy mountains, instilling fear in the hearts of the bravest wanderers. Yet, amidst this chilling terror, there lies an opportunity for brave adventurers to prove their mettle.

Seasonal Realm Challenges

From December 12 to January 2, players on the Seasonal Realm in World Tier I or above can brave the cold and battle frostbitten demons. The journey begins at the Midwinter Square in Kyovashad, where Gileon, the bard, spins tales of the lurking dangers and the chilling cold that have sapped the morale of Kyovashad's citizens.

Festive Spirit in Midwinter Square

Despite the chilling climate, the spirit of festivity hasn't completely frozen over. Gileon tasks players with reigniting the holiday spirit the only way he knows how—with a celebration! But first, the Midwinter Square needs sprucing up. It's up to the players to infuse the square with holiday essence—and warmth—by upgrading it to its full potential.

A Grizzly Commemoration

As players venture into the Fractured Peaks, they will encounter pale blue Blightfiends celebrating their gruesome holiday—the Blighted Revelry. Players must recover Lost Heirlooms from Frigid Husks and halt the Blightfiends' gruesome celebration to restore the holiday spirit in Midwinter Square.

Frost-Weathered Trinkets and Rewards

Once the snow-born terrors of the Fractured Peaks are defeated, players can trade the collected Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and other Midwinter Blight resources for Midwinter Proofs at the Collections Table back at the Midwinter Square. These icy valor tokens can be exchanged for rewards, including a Mount Trophy, Class-specific Back Trophies, Weapon Cosmetics, and more.

So, gear up, brave the cold, and let the spirit of the holidays guide you through the Midwinter Blight. Have a happy holiday in Hell

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