Spotify Prepares to Launch 'Superpremium' Service with Enhanced Features

Spotify Prepares to Launch 'Superpremium' Service with Enhanced Features
Spotify Prepares to Launch 'Superpremium' Service with Enhanced Features

According to recent discoveries in the Spotify app's code, the much talked about 'Superpremium' service from Spotify is ready for launch. According to the findings, the new service sports a vibrant logo and an extended list of features beyond the anticipated 24-bit lossless audio.

A look into Spotify's rumored Superpremium service with enhanced features.

AI Playlists and More

The Superpremium service's feature list is expected to include recently discovered AI playlist generation tools, advanced mixing tools, additional hours of audiobook listening, and a personalized offering dubbed 'Your Sound Capsule.' These references to the Superpremium brand have been discovered in the application's code, hinting at an imminent launch.

Super Premium: The Price and Features

A Reddit user, Hypixely, reported a few weeks ago that the new, pricier tier would come with a price tag of $19.99 per month. This information was based on screenshots of Spotify's code. The service would include AI playlists and lossless audio, previously referred to as 'HiFi,' a premium service that Spotify unveiled years ago but did not launch. The current premium plan costs $10.99.

From HiFi to Superpremium

When questioned about the delay in the launch of Spotify's HiFi during the Q2 earnings, CEO Daniel Ek hinted that HiFi could be used to raise prices in the future. With the rebranding to Superpremium, the service is being restructured to cater to a broader audience.

Filtering Options and Audiobook Listening Hours

As per the findings, Superpremium users could filter their library by mood, activity, or genre. Further features like filtering by vibe and beats per minute were also discovered in the app's code. Additionally, Superpremium is slated to include 20-30 hours of audiobook listening, an increase from the recently announced 15 free hours that now come with the Premium subscription.

Your Sound Capsule

Besides these features, a Superpremium feature called 'Soundcheck' was also unveiled, informing users about their listening habits and allowing them to discover a mix of unique sounds. This feature is now labeled as 'Your Sound Capsule'. This could be related to Spotify's 'playlist in a bottle,' a musical time capsule experience launched earlier this year.

Despite these findings, Spotify has decided to remain tight-lipped about the new service, stating that they don't comment on speculation around possible new features. But the evidence in the code suggests that Spotify's Superpremium service is indeed gearing up for a launch, promising a richer music experience for its users.

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