TikTok Launches Out of Phone: Expanding Beyond Mobile Screens

TikTok Launches Out of Phone: Expanding Beyond Mobile Screens
TikTok Launches Out of Phone: Expanding Beyond Mobile Screens

In an innovative move to enhance the TikTok experience, the social media giant has announced the launch of Out of Phone. This novel solution aims to extend the reach of TikTok, allowing partners and brands to leverage their TikTok content beyond the platform and project it into the real world through screens on billboards, cinemas, restaurants, and more.

TikTok is stepping out of the mobile screen and into the physical world with its latest offering, Out of Phone.

Out of Phone: Billboard

Out of Phone: Billboard is a unique offering enabling brands to expand their reach by translating online campaigns onto physical billboards worldwide. This means brands can initiate a campaign on TikTok, generate organic growth within communities and creators, and then amplify their work onto billboards, reaching a more comprehensive and diverse audience.

Out of Phone: Cinema

To capture cinema-going audiences, TikTok has introduced Out of Phone: Cinema. This feature mirrors the on-platform experience on cinema screens during the pre-show segment, showcasing some of TikTok's top content that brands can advertise alongside. It provides an exciting opportunity for brands to engage with audiences in a whole new way.

Out of Phone: Other Screens

The Out of Phone: Other Screens initiative is another avenue for out-of-home partners to directly bring TikTok's engaging content to their audiences on their global networks and screens. TikTok has already made its presence felt in various venues and spaces, including bars, restaurants, airports, gas stations, and retail stores, with custom partnerships that bring the fun and creativity of TikTok to a broader audience.

TikTok collaborates closely with its out-of-home partners to ensure the out-of-office experience is tailored to suit audiences in specific locations or spaces. The content is regularly updated to feature only the latest and most engaging TikTok content.

TikTok's Mission to Expand Its Reach

"With Out of Phone, we're taking TikTok beyond the palm of our hands and into everyday life,” said Dan Page, Global Head of Distribution, New Screens, TikTok. “From billboards to restaurants, gas stations to airports, we are on a mission to create endless ways for our community to experience the joy and creativity of TikTok.”

Partners like Adomni, DIVE Billboards, GSTV, Loop TV, Raydiant, ReachTV, Redbox, Screenvision, VEVO, and more have already activated the Out of Phone solution. Through these partnerships, brands have already started spreading the joy of TikTok to new audiences everywhere. Out of Phone unlocks creative possibilities, expanding the TikTok experience beyond the mobile screen.

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