The iOS 17 Upgrade: A Comprehensive Review of its New Features

The iOS 17 Upgrade: A Comprehensive Review of its New Features
The iOS 17 Upgrade: A Comprehensive Review of its New Features

Our methods of communication have evolved since the first iPhone was unveiled in 2007. With each new iOS update, Apple seeks to adapt to these shifts, integrating features that reflect our changing preferences and habits.

"Apple's iOS 17 brings several innovative features that enhance communication, offer new uses for old devices, and address longstanding issues."

iOS 17, the latest version of Apple's operating system, is now available for iPhone XR and newer models, as well as the second-generation iPhone SE. Having tested iOS 17 in the public beta on our devices, we've identified some significant changes and additions worth discussing.

New Features to Explore in iOS 17

Once your device restarts after the installation, you can explore the new features. Here are five that stand out.

FaceTime messages and voicemail transcription

One of the more intriguing features of iOS 17 is the new approach to voicemail. Now, the voicemail screen will display a real-time transcription of the message, allowing you to decide whether or not to pick up. The same technology is also applied to voice messages sent via text, providing a transcription for those who cannot listen.

In addition, missed FaceTime video chats can now be followed up with video messages, a feature likely to appeal to many users.

StandBy Mode

StandBy Mode is a novel feature that transforms your iPhone into a brilliant display when charging and placed on its side. This allows old devices to serve a new purpose, such as a clock, a music player, or a photo display, rather than just gathering dust.

Screening inappropriate images

With the new Sensitive Content Warning feature, Apple tackles the problem of unsolicited sexual images. This feature automatically detects and blurs nude photos and videos when turned on, providing a warning and the option to view or decline.


The NameDrop feature is a late but welcome addition. It uses the iPhone's near-field communication (NFC) capabilities to allow quick and effortless transfer of contact information between devices, reminiscent of the functionality provided by the now-defunct Bump app.

The little bits

Apart from the significant modifications, there are also some minor changes that one would like to note. One of these changes involves the addition of an extra tap for retrieving photos when sending text messages. Moreover, users of Sticker will be delighted to know that they can enjoy new features that come with the latest update. Lastly, an updated search function for older messages should make finding what you are looking for easier.

Should I upgrade to iOS 17?

While it's common for the first official version of software to have a few glitches and bugs, many of the major issues should have been resolved in the iOS 17 public beta. It's generally safe for everyday users to upgrade right away. However, ensure your phone is fully backed up before installing a new operating system.

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