The Wishlist for the Next Big Monster Hunter Game


The much-anticipated Monster Hunter Wilds is Capcom's upcoming game. It highlights a wishlist of features fans hope to see in the game, including cross-play and cross-saves, new monsters, and weapon improvements.

The Wishlist for the Next Big Monster Hunter Game
The Wishlist for the Next Big Monster Hunter Game

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For every enthusiast of the Monster Hunter series, the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds at the 2023 Game Awards brought a surge of excitement. The first Monster Hunter game designed for next-gen consoles to be released simultaneously with the PC version promises a world of new monsters, locales, and, more importantly – improvements to the series.

However, as a devoted Monster Hunter fan, I believe there are certain areas where the game could do better. This article outlines a wishlist of enhancements I'd like to see in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Full Online Cross-Play

The first and perhaps most crucial feature is the inclusion of full online cross-play across all console and PC platforms. The absence of this feature in most Monster Hunter games is a glaring omission. Capcom has tried implementing it in the past and has acknowledged its importance. It's high time this feature becomes a reality, allowing players to join the hunt together, regardless of their platform.


Another aspect that needs improvement is the availability of cross-saves between different platforms. Given the duration of Monster Hunter campaigns, starting over on a new platform can be daunting. Cross-saves would eliminate the need for players to repeat quests and allow them to resume where they left off, enhancing the overall experience.

Improved Quest System

The divide between single-player and multiplayer quests in previous Monster Hunter games has often led to frustrating scenarios. I hope Wilds will merge the two systems without the restrictions of unskippable cutscenes or solo quests, allowing for a more streamlined experience.

Mount Usage and Monster Behaviour

With the introduction of the reptilian mount in the Monster Hunter Wilds' teaser trailer, it's clear that mounts are here to stay. However, the game should avoid forcing players to ride mounts constantly to pursue fleeing monsters, as it disrupts the game's pace and unnecessarily extends fight durations.

Elemental Weapons

One of my biggest gripes with the Monster Hunter series revolves around elemental weapons. These weapons have always felt underwhelming in terms of cost-effectiveness and strength. Reworking basic weapons to include primary blight status effects on enemies would make them much more appealing and add a new layer of depth to the gameplay.

New and Returning Weapon Types

The list of desired features would be incomplete without mentioning the addition of new weapon types and the return of fan favorites. From the Boomerang, Accel Axe, and Tonfa to the Magnet Spike, each weapon brings a unique flavor to the combat dynamics and enhances the game's overall playability.

Monster Additions

What's a Monster Hunter game without its diverse array of monsters? The anticipation for the return of iconic creatures like the Lagiacrus, Yama-Tsukami, and Nakarkos is high. Moreover, introducing new monsters like the Barlagual would add excitement and challenge to the game.

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