Staying #BeCyberSmart: Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month with TikTok

Staying #BeCyberSmart: Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month with TikTok
Staying #BeCyberSmart: Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month with TikTok

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As we mark Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, TikTok has launched a campaign to raise awareness about online safety among its 150 million-plus users in the United States. The social media giant is unwavering in its commitment to its global community's safety, security, and privacy and is using this occasion to highlight critical cybersecurity education.

When creativity meets cybersecurity: How TikTok is leveraging its platform to educate users about online safety.

Spotlight on Creators and Security Researchers

This year, TikTok is spotlighting two special groups passionate about cybersecurity: creators who educate others through cybersecurity content and valued security researchers from HackerOne, a significant security platform. TikTok aims to encourage its community to #BeCyberSmart in their daily online activities and guide those interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity creators on TikTok, such as @cececuttino, @lindavivah, and @merelyashley, provide pivotal education that helps the community stay safe online. From integrating fashion and lifestyle with cybersecurity to making complex cybersecurity topics relatable and easy to understand, these creators are breaking down stereotypes and empowering individuals to reclaim their digital autonomy.

Celebrating Three Years with HackerOne

Over the past three years, TikTok and HackerOne have collaborated to enhance the security of the TikTok platform. Through the Global Bug Bounty program, they have awarded over $960,000 bounties to more than 360 security researchers. These researchers have identified and disclosed over 700 security vulnerabilities, allowing the TikTok team to resolve them quickly. TikTok is also a founding sponsor of HackerOne's Corporate Security Responsibility (CSecR) pledge, promoting transparency, collaboration, innovation, and differentiation to create a safer digital world.

The top contributors to the HackerOne platform are security engineer datph4m, AI researcher ibrahim0936356, and cybersecurity student imran_nisar. These individuals have used the platform to enhance the security of significant companies, demonstrating their shared commitment to improving cybersecurity and online safety.

Cybersecurity Tips and Tricks

TikTok believes that everyone benefits from a safer and more secure online world. The platform has shared several tips to help users practice safe online habits, such as practicing wise cyber hygiene by using strong passwords, enabling two-step verification, being wary of phishing attacks, and keeping devices and apps updated.

Launching a Career in Cybersecurity

With cybersecurity job opportunities having grown by 350% globally since 2023, TikTok empowers people to explore options in this field. The platform has shared tips on how to get started, such as finding your passion, learning from TikTok creators, and obtaining relevant certifications. TikTok also invites interested individuals to explore open roles with its security team in various locations worldwide.

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